We've been Engineering incredible objects for years. Our predecessors pioneered the introduction of steel castings in the north of England in the late 19th century, and we've been in the vanguard of metalwork technology ever since.  

Precision engineering remains at our core - Aerospace, Space, Communication and more.  Casting, Machining and RF/Microwave, are the very essence of capability.  We invite you to delve deeper at www.sylatech.com


Our future plans

We see the current coronavirus outbreak as a platform for change.  The benefits of using anti-microbial alloys are clear, in reducing the amount of disease-causing bacteria we are pushing for their increased use.  Not only within healthcare facilities, in door furniture, bed rails, dispensers and taps, but in wider applications such as ATM’s, ticket machines and much more.  France and Poland are beginning to put copper alloys in hospitals, we hope the UK will too.