KeepSafe is a really useful product. It gives me confidence when out shopping and added security against catching the virus.  
James P.
Having used my KeepSafe for about a week now and I can say that it has become part of my everyday routine. Opening doors, elevator buttons and chip/pin keypads are uses I have found so far.  
Karen D.
Just feel safer pushing a lift button with it.
Alan J.
 I feel much safer touching communal surfaces with the KeepSafe than with hands and/or gloves. Handy to keep in a spare pocket whilst out and about! 
 Liz S.
Worked on all aspects of nipping to the loo in Morrisons. Didn’t have to touch anything other than with the KeepSafe. Will use this even after Coronavirus. 
Becky R.
No more germs from cashpoints with the KeepSafe in my hand.
Ray M.
Having been wearing PPE all day at work, it is great to think that I am a little bit safer going home on public transport.
Kate P.
Used my KeepSafe today and I didn’t have to touch anything to get to and from work. Love it’. 
Sharon L
It’s easy to use and fits nicely into my pocket. 
I like the fact that its anti-microbial, a neat product.